Thank A Referee Today!

Written By: Friend Of Football Volunteers

We ask that you take a moment the next time you are on the field and thank and recognize the effort made by our referees!  While we understand that the referee pool has a broad range of ages and skill levels represented in any given game, all of us parents, coaches and players recognize that this is a difficult role – particularly for our younger teenage referees who might be working for the very first time.
Please thank a referee, and please encourage your athlete to thank a referee as well. A little kindness and respect for the officials can go a long way! We are beyond grateful for the work and the effort that referees put in, We need our referees in order to play the game; please show them respect. 
By showing our referees respect, we will help create an environment in which our younger referees feel comfortable and safe so they return each season, more experienced and knowledgeable than before. And we set a great example for our kids.