Our Mission

Friend of Football is comprised of a team that includes Boise School District, West Ada School District, Saint Alphonsus Sports Medicine, Optimist Youth Football and other community members who want to see the sport flourish and prosper.

We came together because we all have a love for the game of football. It has influenced our lives either as an athlete, a coach, a parent, or for some of us, all of the above. Friend of Football recognizes that the game needs to continue evolving to ensure safer play. The safety protocols implemented and the new game techniques being taught are making a huge difference. The game of football has changed.

We feel it is important to highlight these changes and focus on what our local organizations are doing today to make football great for our young athletes. These safety measures and protocols are implemented in flag football, and continue through middle school, high school, college, and up to the NFL.

We realize that many athletes won’t play football past high school, so we want to stress the benefits of youth football, ranging from higher grades and a desire to succeed in school to the ability to develop strong, supportive relationships with others.

Friend of Football believes that youth football can instill values of integrity, passion, competition, respect, and of course, fun! We hope you will support us.

Wanting to learn more about how you can help? Send us an email!